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Knights of Sosaria - Roster Report

ICQ Pager Member Alias Gender Rank Office
85047469 Aerindell F Knight-Errant [N/A]
35631638 Alejandro M Squire [N/A]
14925316 Anubis M Squire [N/A]
  AppleJuice M Squire [N/A]
118569253 Arcana F Knight-Errant [N/A]
11682792 Bobo M Guardsman Rune Librarian
18913232 Boris Devilboon M Squire [N/A]
11682792 Breti M High Council RE Developer
  Brin Ohmsford M Squire [N/A]
27986854 Brunor Pickaxe M Knight-Errant [N/A]
43247748 Cubrethil M Knight Wisp Manager
23577138 Daedalus M Defender [N/A]
99069251 Dargon M Defender [N/A]
126810386 Drevlin Lek M Guardsman [N/A]
152790221 Elayne F Squire [N/A]
66464798 Eldred Jonas M Squire [N/A]
23670632 Feyd Thalion M Guardsman [N/A]
133742427 Flick Ohmsford M Guardsman [N/A]
  Galaphile M Guardsman [N/A]
146555100 garion M Squire [N/A]
27278343 Gwendolyn F Knight Vice Mayor, Trinsic
253476 Halas M Knight-Errant [N/A]
30715767 IronRose F Guardsman [N/A]
79479821 Jareth Hawkwind M Squire [N/A]
19287552 Jarrod M Guardsman [N/A]
  Judge M Squire [N/A]
11682792 KOSH F Squire [N/A]
141538282 Kyle M Squire [N/A]
76088094 Legerion M Squire [N/A]
128256590 Mael Thistlefist M Guardsman [N/A]
126160380 Marek Moonrow M Squire [N/A]
119054585 Matt M Squire [N/A]
  McKawa-No-Kami M Squire [N/A]
  Nemien M Squire [N/A]
11377462 Nova F High Council Mayor of Trinsic
11271381 Olbaid M Guardsman [N/A]
152786171 Perrin M Squire [N/A]
  Poison Ivy M Squire [N/A]
151883230 Princess Lucia F Squire [N/A]
25053363 Ramoa Delsenore M Guardsman [N/A]
  Rand M Squire [N/A]
8643709 Raymond Terelasious M Guardsman [N/A]
23670632 Rhen Darkholme M Squire [N/A]
118569253 Rynn M Squire [N/A]
11682792 Sandman M Squire [N/A]
136453807 Sehiroth M Squire [N/A]
127050304 Serendipity F Guardsman [N/A]
  Severin M Squire [N/A]
6522668 Sir Robert M Defender [N/A]
11682792 Stratege M Squire [N/A]
6372488 SunWolf M Guardsman [N/A]
118739532 Tal M Defender [N/A]
118739532 Talmakie M Squire [N/A]
1214019 Thomlinson M Knight-Errant [N/A]
  Thrawn M Squire [N/A]
107709470 Vandee DiVentrs M Squire [N/A]
152475424 Venom M Squire [N/A]
15649398 Vladamir Legolas M Guardsman [N/A]
76881695 Wilavid M Defender [N/A]
15473008 Wolf M High Council Mayor of Elysium

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