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Please make a copy of this page and send it to Lord Wolf with all of the questions answered. We will get a response back to you very quickly. The most important thing will be to get to know the members of KOS and allow us to get to know you. Please stop by our Rune Library and Tavern in Trammel and look us up. It's located north of Trinsic, in a castle on the west side of the large open plain. Thank you, friend!

What is your character name?

Who are your other characters, their alignment, skills/occupations?

What is your email address?

What is your ICQ number? (If you don't have one, you should, you will need it.

Where are you from? (time zone?)

When do you most often play?

What is your age?

How long have you been playing UO?

Are you experienced in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat and is this an important part of your UO experience?

What are your primary Stats and skills?

Do you also have any evil characters?

What other guilds have your characters been in?

How did you hear about the Knights of Sosaria?

What do you look for in a guild?

What do you most enjoy doing in UO?

If you have a character history, or bio, please include it here.