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Knights of Sosaria

The guild known as the Knights of Sosaria is hereby established on the shard of Atlantic. The purpose of the guild is to create a fraternity of citizens who can trust and rely on each other in all their adventures in Sosaria. This might include defending each others lives and belongings from thieves and murderers, the battling of beast and demons, efforts at commerce, or the simple enjoyment of trusted comrades.

The Knights of Sosaria are aligned with the eight virtues. We do not murder, loot, or steal from others unless provoked through attack or theft, or in the defense of unfortunate victims of the many beasts and scoundrels preying upon the citizens of the land. While not generally a guild of warfare, We can and will fiercely defend our own against any foe or injustice.

We attempt to play the role of good and honorable citizens of Sosaria. The guild provides the companions to enjoy our life together. We train, we fight, we work,  and we play...but most of all, we have fun!