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Code Of Conduct

No Knight of Sosaria may kill another player unless defending yourself, another guild member, or some innocent victim. We do not attack gray characters unless we have witnessed them committing some foul deed.

Stealing of any kind is not permitted. If items are found on a corpse, every effort must be taken to wait for, or locate the victim to return their belongings.

UO is a medieval world and role-playing is an important ingredient which improves the ambience of the game. We encourage every effort to remain in character and keep 20th century speech, game mechanics, etc. restricted to ICQ or private conversations.

The guild colors are beige and blue-gray. Members are expected to wear clothing ( approved by the High Council ) in the guild colors while on hunts and events, and are encouraged to wear our colors at all times to aid in recognition among members. Official guild dye vats are located at the Wandering Wisp Tavern.

The Knights of Sosaria is an honorable guild. Always treat others you meet with respect. While this obviously applies to other guild members, especially senior members, it also applies to anyone in the game, even the many scoundrels in the land. Treat them with respect, but deal with them harshly if needed to defend yourself, your belongings, or others.

In order to provide a fund   for guild events, each member is expected to contribute dues at 1,500 gold per real time month. As the guild also operates the Drunken Dragon Tavern, provisions can be made to work off up to 1,000 gold tending the bar. This can increase recognition in the tavern and our guild, and will enrich the atmosphere of the game from our base of operations. We hope it will also be fun.