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KOS IRC Help guide

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IRC(Internet Relay Chat) is a chat program used mainly to socialize on the internet, here is a quick overview about how it works : There are usually many servers linked together in a "IRC Network" wich means that you can connect to any server in a IRC network and be able to talk to everyone it that network even if they are not on the same server as you. Most popular IRC networks are DALNet, EFNet, IRCNet... There are hundreds of IRC networks in the world. The IRC network we will use is called Stratics IRC network wich is a small IRC network focused on online roleplaying games. Once you get connected to an IRC network, you have to get into discussion forums called "channels". And from there you can start enjoying IRC! I hope this guide will make the setup process easier for you.

  1. Quick start step by step instructions
  2. IRC commands
  3. What are IRC Services?
  4. Stratics IRC network server addresses

Quick start step by step instructions



Some IRC commands

Here are some IRC commands you might find useful :

/help : Will show you all the available commands

/nick <new nick name>: Change your nickname

/join <channel name> : Join a channel

/list : Lists all available channels

What are IRC Services?

IRC Services are little programs running on IRC servers acting like robots, the 2 most important services are NickServ and ChanServ.

NickServ is used to "register" nicknames so noone other than you can use it, to register a nick name you must type "/nickserv register <your password>" this will register the current nickname you are using, please use a unique password here, DON'T use the same password as your uo account for example!). After you did that, everytime you connect to a server you must type "/nickserv identify "your password" wich will tell nickserv you are really yourself :). Type "/nickserv help" if you want to know all the other commands you can use with nickserv.


ChanServ is used to "register" channel names, for us, we registered the channel #KOS wich means only us can be operators in that channel (We can ban/kick anyone we want and allways keep full control of the channel). Type "/chanserv help" if you want to know all the commands you can use with chanserv.

Stratics IRC network server addresses