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Elysium Gazette - News from the Knights of Sosaria

01/28/00 Lady Nova Elected Mayor of Trinsic

Nova, longtime guildmaster of KOS, was recently elected Mayor of Trinsic, City of Honor. The Trinsic Council of Honor has been somewhat dormant of late. Nova plans to reform the Council, and bring Trinsic to its former glory. She also hopes to re-establish the Trinsic Honor Guard. This should help the City regain notoriety as the Guard make their rounds and participate in events in and around Trinsic. Good Luck to Mayor Nova, and to the Trinsic Council!

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09/28/99 Tips For Neophyte Healers

If you are interested in learning the healing skill but did not come to these lands with some knowledge of it, this article might help. To raise healing at skill levels below Apprentice, the only way is to heal injuries. Trying to cure poison is too difficult for you and will not help. The amount of injuries to be healed is a major factor in acquiring skill gain. It is best to heal yourself or another who has lost 70 percent of his hit points or more. Healing someone else works much faster than healing yourself, so it is best to find a friend to train with, and you can both heal each other. You can do this in combat or when sparring with friends. But there is another way if you want to work on this skill when your friends aren't around and/or you want to stay under the protection of the town guards.

In the lands of Britannia, there are a few cliffs that you can fall off of. Each time you fall, you will be slightly injured. One of these cliffs can be found in the city of Britain, just to the west of the Cavalry Guild Hall along the river. There is also one in Delucia, at the edge of the lake on the west side of town. Find a good spot, walk over the cliff edge, and then turn and walk back. Do this several times until you are quite injured. At this time, even if you go to zero life, you will not die. Then use bandages to heal yourself. Your skill should improve rapidly.

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