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Lord & Lady

The founders of the guild are Lord Wolf and Lady Nova. They, and other exemplary leaders of the guild are known as Lord, or Lady. They work hard to keep the guild running smoothly and to keep the members happy. They should be treated with respect at all times.


A symbol of perfection, a Knight is pure in mind, body and spirit. His courage and compassion are admired by all. After achieving the rank of Knight, a member can be elected to positions of power in the inner-working of the guild. A Knight proudly displays a red sash to show his rank.


A Knight-Errant is ready to begin his quest for Knighthood. He will face much peril and danger on his journey, but will be rewarded by the respect and admiration of his fellow guild mates. The sash color of the Knight-Errant is light blue.


The Defender has proven himself through his deeds to be a noble individual. He is able to use his mind as effectively as his sword. The Defender wears a dark blue sash of rank.

Guardsman & Guardswoman

The Guardsman or Guardswoman is the backbone of the guild and is always ready to help someone in need. He or she is a worthy opponent in battle and a trusted friend. Upon becoming a Guardsman or Guardswoman, the member receives a beige rank sash.


When members first join the Knights of Sosaria, they enter at the rank of Squire. Squires get to know other members and to learn the ways of the guild. This also allows existing members to get to know newcomers to our ranks. The Squire is the starting point of your experience in the guild, and a time to show that you have what it takes to make a lasting impact.